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What is Gradual Tan and why is Gradual Tan so popular?

Gradual Tan is a type of self tan that will let you build up colour slowly over several applications. Unlike a traditional self tan that will normally give you a tanned appearance after just one application, gradual tanners let you build up the colour over the course of a few days. This is perfect if you don’t want and sudden tan or prefer just a hint of colour.

Gradual tans are also perfect for people who are new to self tanning and are concerned that they may go too dark from using a normal self tan product. Gradual tan gives you a lot more control and helps to ensure you’ll never go too dark after just one application.

Try Gradual 10 for the most natural-looking self tan that you can build up in colour over the course of several applications whilst also caring you’re your skin.

Top Gradual Tanning Tips

Top tip for the perfect gradual tan: Exfoliate well before application. Massage the gradual tanning lotion into clean dry skin from top-to-toe using a circular motion, paying special attention to elbows, knees, feet, neck, wrists and fingers.

Allow to absorb fully and wash hands thoroughly immediately after use. Your tan will start to develop from the very first application, but importantly will only give you a hint of colour with each application; re-apply over a number of days for a more noticeable tan. Exfoliate regularly to help maintain an even tan.

What is the Best Gradual
Tanning Lotion?

There are lots of gradual tanning products on the market in the UK, and finding the best gradual tanner is often a difficult one.

As a general rule of thumb, the cheaper the gradual tan product costs, the worse the quality of the tan will be. You can buy very cheap gradual tans from retailers but they will have cheap low grade ingredients and will often not give the natural streak-free tanned results you are hoping for.

If you want the best gradual tan you should be looking at the market leading products, such as Gradual 10. This product is not only made using some of the finest ingredients available, but also acts as a luxury daily moisturiser to help keep your skin hydrated whilst delivering a hint of colour. High quality ingredients go a long way to ensuring a natural colour, no streaks, and less of that fake tan smell.

Gradual 10 is made with natural organic ingredients, contains no parabens, and is very easy to use. It’s the perfect gradual tanning product that can be applied quickly and effortlessly every day until you reach the colour you desire. You can then easily maintain your tan be simply re-applying Gradual 10 tanning lotion every few days.

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Best Gradual Tan

For All My Eternity Gradual 10 - Self Tanning Lotion
Luxurious Natural Gradual Self Tanner and Tan Extender 250ml

£17.99 / 250ml

Try the best gradual tanning lotion today. As loved by Cosmopolitan, the Daily Mail, Company Magazine, the Daily Express, Look Magazine, Woman Magazine, and more! Get a totally natural-looking gradual tan with Gradual 10, contains no parabens and comes loaded with all-natural luxurious ingredients to help care for your skin whilst giving you a subtle and natural tanned appearance.

Gradual Tan - Cosmopolitan's Best New Beauty Buy
Best New Beauty Buy!
"Enough of looking pasty! This Spring the trend in tanning is to sport a subtle glow and we've found just the product to perfect it. Result!" - Cosmo
Gradual 10 Reviews

Gradual 10 - an all-natural luxury everyday moisturiser with a hint of For All My Eternity self tan. Gradual 10 combines significant skincare benefits with a healthy glow, this easily absorbed, non-sticky formulation is loaded with the finest natural active ingredients and antioxidants, including Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Vitamins A & E, and infused with organic ingredients such as Rosehip Oil, Sunflower Oil and Sweet Almond Oil which all work beautifully together to help transform and care for your skin in 10 different ways.

The Best Gradual Tan

Gradual 10 is a lightweight, quick-drying, daily self tanning lotion which gently cares for your skin, transforming it from zero to hero with minimum fuss. Suitable for face and body, simply swathe yourself in this luxurious lotion everyday for soft, subtle, sun-kissed radiance or to enhance and extend your existing tan.

Gradually build up a natural-looking, streak-free tan from the very first application and control the level of colour that is right for your individual skin tones. Gradual 10 offers you all the benefits of a luxury daily moisturiser whilst also giving your skin a subtle, healthy sun-kissed glow.The perfect accompaniment to existing For All My Eternity Tanning Mousses and Sprays, Gradual 10 also uses the same time-tested For All My Eternity blend of natural ingredients which minimises any odours associated with self tanning without the need of adding unnecessary chemicals to lock out the odour.

Best Gradual Tan

For All My Eternity Gradual 10 - Self Tanning Lotion
Luxurious Natural Gradual Self Tanner and Tan Extender 250ml

£17.99 / 250ml

Why Gradual 10 is possibly the Best Gradual Tan in the UK
For a start, just see some of the press reviews Gradual 10 has received! Gradual 10 has been in most of the major papers and has received endless 10/10’s and 5-star ratings! Everyone loves just how easy it is to apply, how natural the colour is, how they can build up the colour gently without worrying about going too dark too soon! They love how little the product smells, and how it moisturises and hydrates the skin with daily use – it’s the ultimate gradual tanning product and you can get this amazing product for just £17.99!

If you are fed up with low quality gradual tans, streaky results, overpowering fake tan smells, difficult and sloppy to apply lotions, patchiness when the tan fades, and general orange-tones, then you need to move across to Gradual 10 Lotion! Gradual 10 goes on easily by hand or with a tanning mitt, it absorbs quickly leaving no stickiness and means you can get dressed almost straight away after application. The lotion will hydrate your skin and give you a hint of colour in just 4-6 hours. Simply re-apply to deepen the colour the following day. After 3-4 days of application you should notice a subtle and natural change in skin tone. Maintain your tan by re-applying the gradual tanning lotion every other day. The simple way to get a healthy glowing tan without the dangerous UV rays!

Buy Gradual Tan Online Today!
If you are looking to buy gradual tanning products in the UK, there are a wide range of places where they are available. You should be careful of places such as eBay, where there are often many fake or stolen products available at low prices, however there are also some very good genuine deals to be had as well – just be sure that you buy from a reputable seller or from the brands own outlet store to ensure you are getting a genuine product.

Often the best prices on gradual tans can be found from buying direct from the brands website. Gradual 10 can be bought direct from the brand at You can also register for future discounts via their website so be sure to take advantage of their special offers.

Buy Gradual Tans Online today and give yourself a hint of natural sun-kissed colour without the dangers of UV rays. Try Gradual 10 Lotion for the ultimate luxurious Gradual Tan.


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